Songs from Willow Glen

by Nicolette Aubourg

Released 2007
Syresham Music
Released 2007
Syresham Music
Deeply personal original songs that will speak to you with raw honesty and emotion from uncompromising vocalist/acoustic guitarist. Includes popular song "Craig's List".
“I am a musician and an artist. I try to present an autonomous package of who I am and how I interpret the world - lyrically, musically and artistically. My goal is to make a positive contribution to the world - whether it be through social commentary or by merely presenting music/art that someone can identify with."
Nicolette Aubourg

Nicolette's second CD, "Songs from Willow Glen" was released in August 2007. It was recorded in the Hollywood Hills and includes several songs that were “inspired by life in Laurel Canyon”. Other songs on the CD are “Garden of Remembrance”, which is a tribute to the victims of September 11th, “Craig’s List” (“a tongue-in-cheek song about online dating”), “Ode to a dog” (“dedicated to all dogs”), and two sonnets (Yeats and Shelley) put to music. The songs all feature Nicolette's acoustic guitar parts, which are predominantly a unique fingerstyle, accompanied by intimate vocals and harmonies. The CD was produced by Jorgen Carlsson, who also played percussion, bass and electric guitar, and includes Jeff Young on keyboards/B3, Stefanie Fife on cello, and Erik Eldenius on drums. The CD liner notes provide extensive details about the songs and recordings, and contain all the song lyrics as well as original artwork and photographs by Nicolette.

Wild Horse Running Free (studio album)

"Wild Horse Running Free" by Nicolette Aubourg

was an official entry in the 60th Grammy Awards.