Grand View Drive

by Nicolette Aubourg

Released 2002
Syresham Music
Released 2002
Syresham Music
Début CD from South African non-conformist singer-songwriter-guitarist whose angelic vocal ballads range from social commentary to introspection, with fingerstyle acoustic guitar and full band accompaniment including cello, violin, piano, bass and drums.
To appreciate the artistic cover and in-depth liner notes featuring paintings by Nicolette Aubourg, the physical CD of this début album from South African singer-songwriter-guitarist should be acquired. Music from this album has been featured on NBC's "Passions", several independent movies, and received multiple songwriting awards. The songs, all written by Nicolette Aubourg, apart from the poignant lyrics to “When I Was Old” written by Nicolette’s late mother, Anne Aubourg, are diverse in subject matter: the title track, "Grand View Drive" is named after a street in the Laurel Canyon hills of Los Angeles; track two is inspired in part by Kahlil Gibran's book "The Prophet"; track seven, "Lay Down Your Arms" is a plea for peace. Vocals are angelic, varying from starkly solo to choral, complementing the rhythmic fingerstyle guitar parts. Instrumentation includes cello, violin, piano, B3, electric guitar, drums, bass and percussion from accomplished musicians Adam Chester, Bob Sheehan, Charlie Bisharat, Doug Baker, Frank Simes, Gavin Lurssen, Jorgen Carlsson, Neil Sebba, Robert Fedeli, and Stefanie Fife. The CD was produced by Steve Holroyd, Bob Sheehan and Nicolette Aubourg.
Nicolette Aubourg was born to British/South African parents in South Africa where she was raised and educated, studying classical and jazz guitar, piano, vocal performance and music theory, and acquiring a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and English, before relocating to Los Angeles.

Wild Horse Running Free (studio album)

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